DevOps Engineer

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  • Dirahasiakan
  • Full Time
  • Pria, Wanita
  • Minimal S1
  • Fresh Graduate
  • Berakhir 30 September 2022


DevOps Engineer

Skill yang dibutuhkan

Amazon Web Services
Cloud Computing



- You will build and maintain reliable, robust, and secure infrastructures.

- Design cost-optimized, secured, scalable and highly-available architecture with high performance.
- Provision, configure, and maintain infrastructures for all environments (production, development, etc) in a consistent and auditable style.
- Setup CI/CD pipelines and work closely with development teams to automate their build, test, release procedures.
- Implement security best practices, perform standard penetration tests (using OWASP ZAP or other tools), and fix security findings.
- Perform load testing / stress testing (using Locus or other tools).
- Design and implement automatic backups and disaster recovery plans.
- Design and implement logging and monitoring for all infrastructures with relevant metrics.
- Perform preventive infrastructure maintenance and improve performance at any level of infrastructure.
- Troubleshoot incidents in the production environment and collaborate with the respective team to solve the issues.
- Establish DevOps engineering best practices: systems, applications, processes, documentations.


- Bachelor degree in Computer Science or other major with relevant knowledge.
- Excellent working knowledge of server operating systems (Linux/Unix and Windows).
- Familiar with CI/CD tools (Gitlab CI, Google Cloud Build, AWS CodeBuild, Github Actions, Jenkins, etc).
- Familiar with the products of top-tier cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure, Aliyun, etc).
- Familiar with virtualization technologies (Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, OpenShift, etc).
- Familiar with infrastructure-as-code concept and configuration management (Ansible, Puppet, Terraform, etc).
- Familiar with server monitoring and application performance management (Grafana, Prometheus, PagerDuty, NewRelic, DataDog, etc).
- Familiar with scalable database technologies, both RDBMS and NoSQL.
- Excellent attention to details, curiosity, and proactivity.
- Excellent teamwork and communication skills.
- Having cloud architect/engineer certifications is a plus.
- Having project experiences with microservices technology is a plus.

This position is prioritized for Jakarta, Bandung, and Yogyakarta offices. We apply remote-first approach or WFA (Work From Anywhere) as our work nature to enhance work-life balance.

Tentang Perusahaan

Suitmedia is a full-service digital agency that helps brands in digital transformation through strategy, product development, and creative communication.

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  • Jl. Pejaten Barat II No. 3A Jakarta, Indonesia 12510, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 12510
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  • 0217196877
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