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DevOps Manager - Get Hired Fast

Skill yang dibutuhkan

Cloud Platform Vmware Openstack


We are hiring an experienced DevOps Manager to join our vibrant team at Virgo in Jakarta.
Growing your career as a Full Time DevOps Manager is an awesome opportunity to develop useful skills. If you are strong in teamwork, planning and have the right initiative for the job, then apply for the position of DevOps Manager at Virgo today!

What You Will Do:

- Ensure the availability of infrastructure and platform of the internal company and also each of the products released in a multi-company and hybrid (cloud and on-prem) environment.
- Work as an integrated part of the software engineering organization, understanding the application architecture.
- Orchestrate the provisioning, load balancing, dynamic configuration, monitoring, and resource optimization of servers across cloud providers, data centers, and availability zones.
- Manage development of internal engineering productivity tools and be responsible for development and operation of continuous integration and deployment pipeline.
- Implement and maintain full operational compliance against various security and compliance requirements.
- Within a cross-functional team, collaborate with other engineering teams such as Backend, Frontend ( web, ios, android ), test engineers, product, and other business stakeholders.
- Consistently improve performance and reliability as the platform scales, driving continuous improvement through operational metrics.


- Min 2 years of experience in leading DevOps team with relevant technology below.
- Solid understanding of DevOps Philosophy and Agile methodology.
- Humble culture, zero egos, sharing knowledge, and spirit of collaboration team and environment.
- Experience with Version Control ( GIT )
- Familiarity with Cloud Platform (AWS, GCP, Aliyun, Azure, etc)
- Familiar with Infrastructure as Code Provisioning tool (Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, etc)
- Strong container-orchestration system background (K8s, EKS, GKE, etc)
- Experience in handling service mesh and its challenges (such as but not limited to : service discovery, load balancing, failure recovery)
- Experienced in Continuous Integration and Deployment process (Jenkins, GitLab CI, Github Actions, etc)
- Good understanding of system observability concept (such as but not limited to : metrics, monitoring, alerting, logging, tracing, etc)
- Understand the basics of security best practices.

It'll Be Nice if You Have:

- Experience in Database Technologies such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Kafka, CassandraDB, MongoDB, TiDB
- Experience in Infrastructure-as-code and Automation such as Ansible, Terraform, and it’s implementation in multiple platforms and environments ( dev, stg, production )
- Experience in DR and DRC Site Swing and it’s method to swing from one DC to another.

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