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Backend Engineer

Info Detil :

  • Dirahasiakan
  • Full Time
  • Pria, Wanita
  • Minimal
  • Berpengalaman min 3 Tahun
  • Berakhir 31 Agustus 2022


Backend Engineer

Skill yang dibutuhkan

Kafka and Redi


Kargo is seeking engineers who love to listen to the customers, working as a team and proactively ignite the team into motion whenever necessary. You will work in a small squad creating industry-leading features which will revolutionize logistics industry in Indonesia. The team will own the business and technology side of features developed. You will be involved in absolutely every aspect of the process—from idea generation, business analysis and technical design through to front and middle-tier software development across a variety of technologies. Your systems will meet remarkably high standards of performance and reliability, and will need to operate at massive scale, 24x7.

Who you are and what you’ll do:

- Customer obsessed. You will develop cutting edge technology which will be used by truck drivers in big cities and small provinces with poor internet connection in Indonesia. Most of their phones are not flagship and you understand that very well. Your technology will work smoothly with their phones in their shipping area.
- Let the best ideas win. You will always look for improvement, how to optimize your code, how to optimize your team’s code and you understand very well that valuable feedback could come from everyone.
- Ownership. Not only the technology, you will also own the business side of features developed. You will proactively communicate project risks, following best coding standard and writing maintainable and extensible code.
- First principles thinker. You will do bug fixing. You will constantly ask ‘why’, identify the root cause of the problem and you will make sure that other engineers won’t face the same problem by building high quality tests and documentation.
- Ambitious. You will be working in engineering team which aiming to reach Silicon Valley’s caliber. You believe in that vision, understand very well that the process will not be easy and fully committed to achieve that together with the team


- 3 years of total experience in backend development.
- Knowledge of working with SQL, Kafka and Redis.
- Working knowledge of Git.
- Knowledge of REST APIs or GraphQL.
- Interest in understanding product requirements and functionalities.
- Any experience in building logistics and payments products is a plus.
- Huge plus if having 2+ years of experience in doing functional programming with Elixir.
- Familiarity with Phoenix, Ecto, and Absinthe will be preferred.

Tentang Perusahaan

Kargo Technologies is Indonesia’s largest B2B trucking platform. Kargo’s product suites can seamlessly integrate with any business and empower supply chains to work with more transparency & efficiency. Kargo’s workflow tools allow freight to be priced, tracked and billed with technology. Kargo’s platform has highly managed and vetted transporters along with reputation systems to instill trust. The platform has managed to grow to tens of thousands of truckers and attracted notable clients such as some of the world's largest MNCs, the largest eCommerce platforms, and thousands of SME businesses.

Info Perusahaan

  • SCBD, District 8, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, 12190, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 12190
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  • https://kargo.tech/