Senior Software Engineer

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Senior Software Engineer


Grouu is a mother and baby startup based in Jakarta. Originally starting in baby food subscriptions and serving over 400K meals to parents across Indonesia who trust us to be part of their babies’ grouu-ing journey. Now, we need your help to bring us to the next phase of our grouu-th!


- 3+ years programming experience
- Design and produce good unit tests
- Good problem solving skills, can debug effectively
- Good oral and written communication, i.e. writing tasks, logging bugs
- Awareness of key security vulnerabilities and mitigations (i.e. XSS, SQL injection)
- Strong fundamentals in software engineering best practices
- (i.e. source control, unit tests, integration tests, CI/CD)
- History of delivering results while working in small teams
- Curious and loves learning new things


Nice to Have:

- Angular expertise
- Nodejs expertise
- PHP expertise
- Cloud experience i.e. aws/gcp/do/etc
- Containerization expertise
- Github + CI/CD
- Familiarity with Monitouniring/Observability Tools i.e. sentry, new relic, etc
- Experience in implementing integrations with payment and logistics partners
- Experience working with external agency/outsourcing teams
- Experience working in a lead role, mentoring/coaching team members or peers
- Active and well known in developer commties

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