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Backend Developer

  • UENA
  • DKI Jakarta -

  • IT: Software Development

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  • Dirahasiakan
  • Full Time
  • Pria, Wanita
  • Minimal
  • Tidak perlu pengalaman
  • Berakhir 31 Juli 2022


Backend Developer

Skill yang dibutuhkan

Good Communication


UENA operates on a hyperlocal area. Each outlet serves a narrow neighbourhood of 1 - 2 km, where there are around 50.000 - 80.000 people.

Your Job is to reach each of those people and acquisition. Not only you need to come up with creative initiatives, but also systematical and analytical progress and improvement.


Familiar either with Phyton, Go, RubyOnRails or PHP

And many more exciting challenges !

Tentang Perusahaan

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Info Perusahaan

  • Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta
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  • https://uenafood.com