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  • Komplek Central Park Mall, Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta 11470, Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta 11470
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  • https://www.kocoschools.com/
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KOCO is Asia's First Digital Assignment Platform. As an Education Technology (edtech), KOCO complements digital learning experiences to help the relationship between teachers, parents and students. We solve problems in education by providing benefits like saving time and money. Koco Schools platform also supports environmental preservation by reducing paper usage.

KOCO is an active education community for parents, children, and educators.
We understand that it’s not easy to find a community to be a part of – much less for your children. That’s what KOCO is about: We want to break down the barriers to sharing beneficial & educational information, but most of all, create a sense of camaraderie that connects parents, their children, and koality tutors together.

KOCO initiated in Singapore, an educational community that wants to create the sense of happiness and togetherness with Koco Paper. Currently, KOCO Paper started its journey in Indonesia within PT. PMA Koco Paper Indonesia to solve problems in the education process which aimed to achieve learning goals. Therefore, we are here for you and us.

Complete your digital learning journey with Koco Paper!

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